Will you join us in playing West Sussex Musical Chairs?

Let us introduce to you the only game of musical chairs where people are encouraged to add a chair - not to take one away.

Friday, 29th March 2019, 7:45 am
Updated Friday, 29th March 2019, 8:36 am
Ella Bidmead, Lydia Palmer, Ciara Corrigan-Margetts

It’s the brainchild of West Sussex Music and will support – quite literally – young musicians from across the county.

The charity is looking to equip members of the West Sussex Youth Orchestra with 100 chairs specifically designed for orchestral use.

“Since most of our ensemble musicians spend their time rehearsing and performing while seated, the chair becomes a crucial piece of equipment,” explains West Sussex Music chief executive, James Underwood.

Archie Russell-Weeks, Matthew Luk and Chloe Anthony

“The chairs we currently use were never intended for musicians and as such don’t promote the proper alignment or freedom of motion necessary for prolonged periods of orchestral use.

“It would be fantastic to be able to equip our young musicians, and future generations, with chairs that support them better and allow them to get the most from their abilities.”

For donations of £200 or more, the chair can have a plaque with the donor’s name. Perhaps you are a company that would like to show your commitment to the community and would like it recognised or were you once in the West Sussex Youth Orchestra and would like to give something back.

The chairs will be used not only by West Sussex Youth Orchestra, but also by Horsham Symphony Orchestra and the National Children’s Orchestra, both of which are now based at Horsham Music Centre, at the College of Richard Collyer. Chairs can be bought by individuals, businesses or collectively by groups of donors.

Ella Bidmead, Tiani Ngbokota, Ciara Corrigan-Margetts

l Visit www.westsussex
music.co.uk to make a donation and help support the county’s young musicians.