Crawley Town Community Foundation - Five years of serving the town

Crawley Town Community Foundation
Crawley Town Community Foundation

‘To engage, inspire and empower people through sport and football’

As the registered charity of the football club, the Crawley Town Community Foundation has strived to deliver programmes and services that are of the highest standards, engaging all demographics.

The Foundation’s programmes and services are based on the belief that engagement through sport can result in far more than developing sports skills.

It can harness a sense of mutual respect and trust, widen horizons, raise aspirations and provide opportunities for people regardless of their background.

Using the power of sport and football and appeal of the brand, they are committed and focused on developing the community through a range of services based on the following themes: Health & wellbeing; sports participation; equalities and inclusion, education, enterprise; employment and skills, regeneration and community safety-working through local, regional and national partnerships.

Last season alone, the foundation were successful in securing around £375,000 of external investment in to Crawley – up from £100,000 average for each of the previous four years.

This has enabled us to develop and deliver a range of successful programmes and services for the community.

For example, it has helped us to improve the emotional wellbeing for young people, and reduce levels of obesity for children in our schools.

Crawley Town Community Foundation chief executive Birtug Kazim said: “It has allowed us to engage people with disabilities, the elderly who suffer from social isolation, and others deemed ‘hard to reach’. It has enabled us to grow the post-16 BTEC education programme, and to become the sole provider of the National Citizen Service programme in Crawley.

“In fact, an independent study (Data Hub and Active Sussex) of the social value and savings made to the public purse following our work last season was around £383,000.

“35% of the social value was for support with crime and community safety, 26% with increased educational attainment, 16% for both improved health and improved subject wellbeing, and 7% in other areas.

“We provided more than 25,000 sporting and education opportunities last season, up from 18,898 from the previous season.”

Aggregate attendances on the foundation’s events have increased significantly over the years as well, and particularly following the introduction of our Biffa Award 3G Ball Court, with total numbers of 7,688 in 2014/15, 13,792 in 2015/16, and a massive 52,719 in 2016/17.

Mr Kazim added: “This will only continue to grow with more schools, more programmes, services and events planned. With the Foundation offering something for everyone, see how you can get involved.”

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