Warning signs of malcontent

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Dear Velo South,

The first my neighbours and I heard of the imposition that Velo South will have on our village of Pulborough was by way of an innocuous flyer through the door, hidden in junk mail, on 17 August.

I have engaged in conversation with many neighbours and residents and I am alarmed that many have little or no comprehension how they will be affected. The A283 and A29 will be closed for five and a half hours. There will be no vehicle access to shops, Pulborough station or businesses along the route.

Increasingly there is concern that this commercial CMS Velo South event has done little to engender good feeling towards cyclists and as forthcoming road closures become evident, I fear that the current antipathy will turn to anger and frustration towards the organisers CMS as they have failed to consult affected residents adequately.

It’s not all PRO Velo South here in the county, however rosy you paint the subject.

The article in the Midhurst Observer says five people have protested by way of a legal challenge to WSCC.

There are very many more West Sussex residents who are supporting their cause.

I have modestly contributed towards the legal fund to seek to stop the event. The Facebook group: Stop Velo South is gathering momentum. I suggest you heed these warning signs of malcontent.

Christine Burgess

Little Dippers, Pulborough