Letter: Concerns over Horsham Novartis ‘training site’


I have observed of late that the Ex-Novartis site is being used as a training ground for the emergency services.

This I understand as this site is now owned by West Sussex County Council and in its present state allows a huge area for tactical training.

However, I was somewhat alarmed to observe armed police hiding in bushes adjacent to Parsonage Road.These looked like storm troopers with guns.

This road is used by many including children with all the activities in full view, perhaps the police and others may be a little more thoughtful.

We understand that our country is on a high alert in respect of a terrorist attack and with the history of the ex-Novartis site this may cause alarm.

I suggest if this site is used for extensive training it may be wise to erect a hording on the Parsonage Road aspect if this is not possible then perhaps notices should be erected to describe these training activities are in progress.

Tony Hicks

Broome Close, Horsham

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