Frightened by rise in crime

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Last weekend Horsham Labour Party launched its campaign, calling for an increase in community policing across the District to combat the rise in crime and anti-social behaviour.

The campaign is in response to the increased numbers of reports of muggings, assaults and anti-social behaviour in our local press, and the substantial rise in reported crime which has seen a 20 per cent increase in the last six months.

In our town centre wards alone there have been 200 reported crimes during the month of June, which are the last available statistics.

Horsham Labour Party is arguing that we are now seeing the inevitable consequence of the countywide reduction in police resources that has seen a loss of some 700 police officers and a 50 per cent reduction in community policing.

Horsham Labour Party’s petition calls upon the Police and Crime Commissioner and West Sussex County Council to make community policing a priority and in so doing provide the resources needed to ensure that all residents and visitors can feel safe in our town and across our district.

We are asking Katy Bourne, the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner, to look again at her policing priorities and deliver a much more visible community policing presence across our district.

People are frightened by the increase in crime, particularly in the town centre and within Horsham Park. This is creating a feeling of insecurity in our community, particularly amongst our most vulnerable residents.

We received a fantastic response to our campaign in the town centre on Saturday and this has encouraged us to create an online petition which we hope will show just how concerned residents are about the increase in crime and the lack of police presence across Horsham.

The petition ‘Increase Community Policing across Horsham to Combat Rise in Crime and Anti-social Behaviour!’ can be accessed by following the link -

david hide

Chair, Horsham Labour Party, Clarence Road, Horsham