Crackpot Broadbridge Heath bypass closure must be stopped

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I read with dismay about the proposal to close the Broadbridge Heath bypass after the Tesco roundabout.

Obviously the planners who came up with this crackpot idea do not use this road that is used by thousands of cars a week.

This stretch of road is a vital link between the A281 and the A24 and onwards towards the motorway network. We all know what happens when vital arteries are blocked. The proposed huge cost of this should be used for providing for more GP surgeries and extra funding for schools to cope with the increased influx of new residents.

Where are all these cars to go? Have the planners given any thought about the impact this will have on Broadbridge Heath and Slinfold villages which will be swamped by this extra traffic. Already drivers around Horsham have had to put up with regular queues as more and more houses are built resulting in even more cars spilling onto our already overcrowded roads.

It can’t be too late to reverse this ridiculous decision. This link is vital and closure will just lead to gridlock. Queuing traffic everywhere will also cause increased pollution.

The council must reconsider this decision, and if they do, they will get the blessing of every driver who use this vital link.

David Trowbridge

Pondtail Drive, Horsham