Works cause ‘chaos’ and ‘stress’ for businesses and customers near Washington

Two companies have spoken about the ‘chaos’ and ‘stress’ a neighbouring building site has had on their businesses and customers near Washington. Old Clayton Kennels and Cattery along with co-company Barking Sussex, both in Storrington Road, have been left frustrated by the disruption caused by work at the Millford Grange site, currently being undertaken by David Wilson Homes.

Saturday, 21st March 2015, 3:00 pm
Rebecca Copp of Old Clayton Kennel and Cattery near the building works. Pic Steve Robards SUS-150903-205452001

As part of the works the developers have had to make improvements to the road outside the build which both companies claim have led to major traffic delays and loss of business.

Jackie Mullins who works at Barking Success said: “Since November in particular, our excellent relations with our customers have been overshadowed by the never ending chaos caused by the building works next door and the associated road works.

“When the traffic delays were at their worst, our customers were reporting delays of up to an hour each way when making their commute to and from our premises.”

Jackie added the disruptions had also affected a fellow co-worker who is a retained firefighter and said he had struggled to get to calls due to the build up of traffic.

Rebecca Copp, who works at Old Clayton Kennels and Cattery, said: “This has caused terrible traffic queues along the A24, a lot of questioning and added stress for our customers and businesses to even get into our carpark.

“It’s hard enough for our big delivery lorries to get through without having piles of angry drivers outside and a hundred cones in the way so that the entrance is blocked.”

A spokesperson for David Wilson Homes said: “We’re working very closely with West Sussex County Council to get the necessary road works completed as quickly as possible but we recognise residents’ frustration.

“We’ll continue to work with local councillors and the community and appreciate their understanding while construction is taking place.”