What you need to know about new household waste and recycling collection in Horsham district

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Changes to the waste and recycling collection are in their final stages of being rolled out across the Horsham district.

New lorries, fortnightly collections, having the bin handles facing the road - we are hearing that some residents are still confused.

So here is the information from Horsham District Council:

There will still be a weekly collection service - recycling will be collected one week, and household waste collected the same day the following week.

You can remind yourself of your new bin collections dates at any time by checking your online

Personalised Collections Calendar.


- all bins to be out by 6am

- where possible use your normal collection point

- bin handles to face the road

The garden waste collection service will continue on a fortnightly basis for those subscribed to the service. For most households this will be the same day as your recycling collection. If you would like to sign up to the garden waste collection service, the cheapest in West Sussex, the garden waste webpage for more details.

Collection Points

Continue to place your bins out at your normal collection point. The time of collection may change from your previous collection time so ensure your bins are out by 6am on your collection day. Collections continue until 5pm across the district.

If space is limited put your bin out safely and as close to the normal collection point as possible.

“We recognise that there may be some difficulties in a few areas and we will be working to resolve any collection point issues as soon as possible. To help the collection process to run smoothly please place your bin with the handles facing the road.”

Eligibility criteria for a larger household waste bin:

Not all families are the same and people in the following categories might wish to apply for a larger household waste bin free of charge (plus a delivery charge of £5).

- Medical needs

- Households with five or more permanent residents

- Households with three or more children in nappies.

(Those who already have a dispensation for a larger green-top bin do not need to apply again.)

What size is the bin?

240 Litre Wheeled Bin: Overall height: 1100mm. Overall width: 740mm. Overall depth: 580mm

When will my new bin be delivered?

“We have had a bigger uptake of bins than anticipated and consequently deliveries are taking longer than expected.

“For residents who ordered their bin(s) before the deadline of 30 November:

“Bin(s) will be delivered before the changes come into effect in your area. You can remind yourself of your new bin collection dates by checking your personalised online calendar.

“For those who ordered after the deadline of 30 November:

“We will endeavour to deliver as soon as possible and by May at the latest. For any residents who are waiting for a larger household waste bin, we will collect side-waste until your new bin arrives.”

Apply for a larger bin

For more details, frequently asked questions and other links go to the Horsham District Council website.