VIDEO: A Dark Reflection to expose aviation conspiracy

A Horsham film featuring the County Times newspaper will expose ‘one of the greatest scandals going’, according to its director.

Tuesday, 29th January 2013, 3:13 pm

Tristan Loraine, CEO of Fact Not Fiction Films, has announced the local company’s latest project will be a thriller called ‘A Dark Reflection’.

The story, yet to be released, will be generally based around the ongoing serious health and flight safety issues, which are occurring around the world on commercial aircraft, as a consequence of exposure to contaminated air, said Tristan.

The film is being made as a co-operative initiative. The cast and crew, suppliers and investors, will own the completed film in proportion to their contribution towards it.

For more details watch the video interview above where Tristan talks to Theo Cronin about ‘A Dark Reflection’.

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