Traffic wardens show ‘no leniency’ to Horsham residents

Residents of a Horsham street say they are being targeted by traffic wardens following changes to town centre parking charges.

Saturday, 8th March 2014, 7:30 am
Horsham District Council parking services car parked on double yellow lines in Wellington Road, Horsham - picture submitted

Wellington Road is in a controlled parking zone with residents’ and visitors’ permits.

In addition, non-residents can park there for one hour free of charge.

Resident Martin Harris says because Horsham District Council has issued more permits than there are bays, residents have little choice but to park illegally.

A Freedom of Information request he submitted to the council last autumn, revealed there were 306 unexpired residents’ permits issued to 301 bays in Wellington Road, Norfolk Road, Norfolk Terrace and Chichester Terrace.

Figures released by the council this week for Zone A show this is no longer the case.

However Mr Harris says the problem has been exacerbated by the early evening parking charge at Piries Place car park in the town centre, which was introduced last year.

Now, he says, they are penalised by traffic wardens patrolling the streets during the evening.

He photographed one of the parking services vehicles on double yellow lines.

This is something they are allowed to do by law, but Mr Harris felt it proved his point.

He said: “It’s not been a problem in the past. We have parked on double yellow lines, because there’s nowhere else to park.

“The council has a duty and responsibility towards resident to make some arrangements for them to park.

“It’s wrong to park on double yellow lines. It’s even more wrong when non-residents are parking on double yellow lines, but we pay £40 for a permit and I never use it.

“I would feel better if they appeared to give any thought to the residents, who have a permit.

“There’s just no flexibility and no leniency towards residents.

“When you do get a bay, you don’t want to go out for one hour because you can’t get a parking space.

“We’re easy targets.”

A spokesman for HDC said: “We are monitoring the situation very carefully to maximise parking for residents.

“At the moment there are 305 spaces in Zone A with 297 permits issued.

“There is a high demand from residents to park in Zone A and the council tries to be as flexible as possible in issuing these.

“Enforcement vehicles can park on double yellow lines but it’s not something we encourage.’’