New Horsham affordable homes planned

Artist's impression of the scheme
Artist's impression of the scheme

A housing association will have to complete a bat survey if it wants permission to demolish six homes in Horsham and build 21.

The application for 18 flats and three houses on land on the corner of Bennetts Road and Elm Grove will be considered by the district council’s planning committee on Tuesday (June 4).

While a preliminary assessment at one of the houses set to be demolished found there was a ‘low’ chance of bats roosting there, the council’s ecologists did not agree.

The results of a second survey, showing how many bats entered and left the site, are expected soon.

As well as the survey, applicant Saxon Weald will need to complete a S106 legal agreement to pay for the necessary highways work.

If all goes as planned and the application is approved, the development will be 100 per cent affordable rented and will include space for 25 cars.

The application attracted more than a dozen complaints.

Some were concerned about over-development of the site and the increase in traffic, others about the design of the new homes, which they said were not reflective of the character of the area.

If the planning committee agrees to officers’ recommendations, they will delegate authority to the head of development to approve the application once the survey and S106 agreement are completed.

If that is not done within three months, the application could be refused.