Four people at Horsham District Council earn more than £100k, new figures reveal

New figures have revealed four people at Horsham District Council are paid more than £100k, with the top boss earning more than £150k.

Tuesday, 13th April 2021, 4:47 pm

The chief executive is paid £126,801 a year and has a yearly pension contribution worth £25,812, figures from the Town Hall Rich List show.

But three other staff members are also paid more than £100,000 including their pension.

The director of corporate resources (Section 151 officer) has total remuneration of £124,093, including £19,906 yearly towards their pension.

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The director of community services earns £98,892 a year plus a pension contribution of £19,906 and the director of place earns £95,531 plus a yearly pension contribution of £19,196.

By comparison, a registered nurse employed by Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, with three years’ experience, earns just under £27,000.

More than 2,800 local authority employees across the UK earned more than £100,000 in 2019/20, according to tax reform group the TaxPayers’ Alliance – the most since 2013/14.

The figures come one month after West Sussex County Council approved a 4.99 per cent council tax rise for 2021/22.

Figures also show former West Sussex County Council chief executive Nathan Elvery received £427,653 in remuneration during 2019/20.

That was made up of £226,945 of salary and a £170,000 pay-off after leaving the council ‘by mutual consent’. He also received a pension of £30,708.

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council said: “West Sussex County Council delivers services to more than 850,000 residents every day and is one of the largest employers in the county.

“We do our best to attract the right people to work with us to deliver our services. Local government pay for senior managers is carefully reviewed and meets national guidelines.

“Senior salaries are declared by all local authorities in the annual statement of accounts.”

The Taxpayers’ Alliance report revealed the number of officers paid more than £100,000 rose by 135 in 2019/20. In total, 693 officers were paid over £150,000 – 26 more than the previous year.

The highest paid was the deputy chief executive of Coventry City Council. They received £573,660, including a loss of office payment of £395,110.