Horsham Primary School art display for Remembrance Day

Children at a Horsham school have been getting creative this past week by painting poppies on a variety of materials to commemorate Remembrance Day (Thursday, November 11).

Tuesday, 9th November 2021, 5:18 pm

The artwork by pupils at Arunside Primary School can be admired by the public as the display is located just inside the school gates.

Terracotta pots, paving slabs, wood planks, wood circles, bricks, tiles and stones were all decorated by the children to create a beautiful field of painted poppies.

Irma Westerdijk, a Horsham artist, has also contributed to the Remembrance Day Project by creating a stunning figure of a solider that is at the centre of the display. He holds his head low resting on his weapon creating a look of deep reflection and contemplation.

Arunside Primary School in Horsham have been creating artwork in honour of Remembrance Day on Thursday.

Arunside pupils are reminded through the sculpture of the hardships and struggles that people have faced before them and how their actions have impacted the future for others.

Hannah Nunn, the school’s art lead, said: “the school values the creativity of its children and wishes for them to be able to express themselves through art”

Hannah added that for this project, she chose unusual materials to paint on to give the children the experience of painting on different surfaces and help them understand that art can be purposeful, meaningful and enjoyable for all.