Horsham, Mid Sussex and Crawley people urged to complete 2021 census

People in Horsham, Mid Sussex and Crawley are being urged to complete the 2021 census.

Thursday, 4th March 2021, 10:23 am

Taking part in the questionnaire will help inform decisions about services that shape the community, such as healthcare, education and transport, census engagement manager, north east of West Sussex Jeff Hemmings said.

And people are being urged to complete the census online. He added: “It’s being billed as a digital first census.

“It’s expected and hoped that the vast majority will be able to do the census online.”

The 2021 census will be digital first

But support will be provided for those who may not be able to, Jeff said. There are online and telephone resources but he added that anyone struggling can also ask a trusted friend, relative or neighbour for help.

The census is a legal requirement, and more than 95 per cent completed it in 2011, Jeff said.

The census is a survey that takes place every 10 years. It gives the most accurate estimate of all the people and households in England and Wales, the Office for National Statistics said. A spokesman added: “The census asks questions about you, your household and your home. In doing so, it helps to build a detailed snapshot of our society.”

Census day is on March 21 this year. Reminder letters will be sent to people who haven’t completed the scheme by this date and people will be knocking on doors to offer help.

Jeff said: “[The census takes] around about ten to 15 minutes. [It] might take longer for people who need a bit more assistance.

“People can help others fill out their form. As long as they have the consent of the person in question.

“There’s lots of information available for instance information in braille.

“There’s language support. Up to 200 different languages.

“There’s a great deal of support out there via the telephone or online.”

Jeff is urging people not to panic or worry.

He said: “When this new census for 2021 was being planned it was all planned on the basis we would be living and working in a normal environment and then covid struck.

“Nobody really knew how it was going to pan out.”

For help with the census see www.census.gov.uk, or call the free Telephone Support line on 0800 141 2021, the Text Relay Service on (18001) 0800 141 2021 or the free Language Helpline on 0800 587 2021.