Burgess Hill resident fears housing development has caused flooding problem

A Burgess Hill resident is concerned about flooding around his property, which he believes has been caused by a neighbouring housing development.

Wednesday, 7th July 2021, 11:30 am

Albert Lynch, 70, who lives in Cants Lane with his wife Brenda, said that the raised land for Kings Weald by Croudace Homes has caused water to collect in a depression at the back of his home during heavy rain.

He said that in bad weather water runs through his garden and his drive, which he shares with his neighbour, and that this happened during the downpour on Monday (June 28).

“It’s like a fast flowing stream coming through,” said Albert, adding that the muddy water is about three inches deep.

Albert Lynch, of Cants Lane, Burgess Hill, who is concerned about flooding around his property. Picture: Steve Robards, SR2106302.

“I’ve lived here 22 years and we’ve never had a problem,” he added.

“It’s a direct cause of the run-off of their site, which all happens to come to the rear of our property,” Albert said.

Albert, who is now retired but used to be a self-employed builder, said Kings Weald was formerly the Keymer Brick and Tile site.

This meant that land that was once used for quarrying had to be ‘made up’ and relandscaped for hundreds of new homes, he said.

But Albert says the land is higher than it should be.

Albert also said Croudace Homes removed the shrubs and poplar trees that used to border the back of Cants Lane, which he believes has contributed to the problem.

He said he has raised the flooding issue with Croudace Homes on several occasions, but added that ‘they’ve just dismissed it as though it was nothing to do with them’.

Albert said he would like the flooding problem fixed before all the Kings Weald homes are sold.

He added that since raising the issue Croudace Homes has installed a land drain, which he feels would work under normal weather conditions.

“It’s been effective to a degree,” said Albert.

“But I know as a builder that all land drains eventually do silt up.”

Albert said the flooding has happened about four times now with last Monday’s being the worst.

A Croudace Homes spokesman said: “Following very heavy rain on June 28, we are aware of some very localised flooding on a section of the boundary of the Kings Weald site and we are in dialogue with affected residents to understand and address their concerns.”