Billingshurst IT team leader dresses as spooky character who hides in coffin in Halloween prank

A Billingshurst man has been surprising members of the public with a Halloween prank.

Thursday, 4th November 2021, 2:59 pm

Steve Wilson, 52, has set up a spooky display in his garden – with a twist.

The display looks like a big coffin on wheels with a scarily dressed dummy in the back.

But the ghostly figure is in fact the IT team leader who’s waiting to scare unsuspecting passers by.

Steve Wilson poses as a mannequin before making people jump

While members of the public have a nice chat with his wife, Steve waits for a quiet moment before exclaiming ‘happy Halloween’.

He said: “It’s about making people smile. Even the parents didn’t realise it was me.

“When they talk to my wife I would wait until it was all quiet and then I would go ‘happy Halloween’ and it would scare the pants off them.”

Steve has previously had a Mercedes Formula One car design in his garden – and he plans to regularly update his display, next with a Christmas theme.

Steve Wilson previously built a Mercedes Formula One car in his garden

He hopes to have Father Christmas riding a bobsleigh in his garden.