Avalanche of support for ‘amazing’ Horsham schools delivering lockdown learning

An avalanche of support has gone out from parents to schools in Horsham for the ‘amazing’ way they have helped children during lockdown learning.

Tuesday, 2nd March 2021, 12:11 pm

Families have poured praise on Horsham teachers who have guided pupils through home schooling.

They spoke out after Horsham’s fee-paying Farlington School reported last week how its face-to-face remote teaching had enabled pupils to have a structured day during lockdown.

Parents of children at other Horsham schools were quick to respond that their children, too, had also received excellent help and support.

Remote learning

Many took to social media to tell of their gratitude to dedicated teaching staff with many leaving messages on the West Sussex County Times’ Facebook page.

Emma James said: “Tanbridge House School, with Mr Jules White and his fabulous team, also deserve a massive shoutout!!!!

“What a credit to the caring teaching profession!! It’s been tough for all kids, but with dedicated staff, my girls have been well looked after....... Well Done Tanbridge House School”

Joanna Thomas agreed: “100% absolutely amazing support, communication! So grateful my kids are at Tanbridge! X”

Louise Frances Austin said: “I think all teachers regardless of what school they work at, private or state should be praised for all their hard work. “Private schools have never come across a pandemic either. I’m very appreciative of the hard work put in by our Head’s and all staff @ Pennthorpe and also those at Seaford college. Both schools have been amazing.”

Samantha Standing added:”All 3 of my children, 3 different schools, amazing home learning. Not Horsham schools but they need to be acknowledged too:

Wisborough Green primary school; The Weald school, Billingshurst; Muntham House School, Barns Green.”

Dawn Smith posted:”Whoop whoop for Forest, Mr Straw & whole team have been amazing providing online lessons continuously, very very well done.”

Gail Colombo added: “Forest have provided live lessons for all my sons subjects daily. They have been amazing.”

Alexandra Dowman said: “Arunside has been providing the same, full schedule of live lessons 5 days a week. I have children in three different year groups- all the teachers have been absolutely fantastic, the children have been engaged and working.”

Sarah Stoner said: “Forest school is ‘almost’ too amazing!!!! The reason I say this ...as it really has been great, is because I would never want it to be an alternative to live on site lessons. But Forest School has really set up online learning so well it is genuinely fit for purpose!!”

Chebella Marbella Bohanna added: “Greenway Academy school has been amazing.”