Wide membership affected by airport

I was disappointed to read the letter in the County Times from Horsham district councillor Peter Burgess concerning a second runway at Gatwick.

Thursday, 25th July 2013, 2:54 pm
Your letters

Far from GACC being a one-man band it was an unnecessary ad hominem criticism of our chairman. Of course Brendon Sewill has been a pivotal figure in the organisation for many years.

As treasurer of GACC for too long, I can assure the councillor that we have members from an extremely wide area of Surrey, Sussex and Kent, all of whom care much about the quality of their environment.

In addition we receive donations from well over 50 councils. Our members suffer from noise and gaseous pollution, and traffic problems caused by the airport and its ancillary activities and our sole purpose is to mitigate those factors as much as possible but recognising the need for the airport to operate efficiently to everyone’s benefit. In fact Gatwick can expand by a further quarter without any need for an additional runway.

It would have been more helpful if your correspondent had perhaps been a little more studious in checking his facts, and perhaps acknowledged that he has a vested interest in aviation. I should have been happy to help him.


Treasurer, GACC, Campaign Office, Stan Hill, Charlwood, Surrey. RH6 0EP