LETTER: What happened to proposed £1.4m?

We are writing to ask Horsham District Council what will now happen to the 400 members of the Horsham District Indoor Bowls Club. The lease on the building that is now located in ‘The Quadrant’, Broadbridge Heath, was extended to 2025, it has now been curtailed to June 2015.

Saturday, 8th March 2014, 8:00 am
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Could someone please explain what happened to the £1.4 million that was earmarked for the new six rink indoor bowls facility? Did it all disappear under one of the dance studios?

The members of the club range in age from young children to the very elderly. The club also gives blind and partially sighted people the chance to play bowls and socialise. There is a ‘De-Cafe’ on Thursday lunchtime for Alzheimer sufferers and carers where they are able to relax for a couple of hours.

The club is open to the public for 12 months of the year. Some of the members with health problems are not able to bowl outside as they do not have the strength, this is their lifeline.

We read about the older generation suffering with loneliness, the HIBC provides a safe friendly environment for young, old, disabled and infirm. No thought or provision has been given to any of these people.

We may not all be fit young things but hopefully the majority of young people will be old one day and some of them will have health problems. One moment everyone is worrying about elderly people being lonely and then they not only shut but knock down one of the few clubs for them.


Sullington Mead, Broadbridge Heath