LETTER: Vital election for young and old

At last we have another serious topic to discuss in our weekly West Sussex County Times.

Saturday, 14th February 2015, 6:00 am
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A change from the usual housing problems, second runway at Gatwick Airport and the quality of our local councillors.

Our Westminster MP Mr Francis Maude has decided to retire at 61 from Parliament. He has been our Horsham and district MP since 1997 and was MP previously in north Warwickshire.

We now have an opportunity to really consider what type of person would be good for Horsham and perhaps not have so many outside commitments and business to worry about.

Do we want another ‘shoe in’ person or someone who wants to listen and support Horsham and district?

Our local paper now has such an important role to play as it’s only a matter of a few weeks for all the candidates to come forward and in the short time that constituents have the publication of their ideas to be looked at.

So let’s all make sure we vote with enough information that’s possible. With so much going on in our district this has never been so important for both young and old.


(A floating OAP voter) Cavendish Close, Horsham