LETTER: Tory voters to blame for mess

To all the good people of Horsham now objecting to greenfield destruction.

Thursday, 19th September 2013, 8:00 am
Your letters

Please don’t blame and direct your anger solely at HDC, as they are required by Government to deliver a plan that prioritises economic growth, which as a consequence needs more business parks which in turn needs more houses, which in turn will pave over more of the countryside.

How many of those who are now objecting against greenfield destruction voted Conservative in the last election?

Answer: a very large percentage! So I’m afraid to say that you have brought this on all of us by helping to elect a Government that is fixated on growth at the expense of everything else. So you can blame yourselves for this mess.

To HDC, if you had any moral compass and wanted to make a stand against the constant need for growth you could listen to the VOICE of Horsham and prepare a non-compliant plan that would be rejected by the Government planners. The process would be slowed and, oh dear, soon a new government would be elected and we can review again then.

Or all of you could resign and prevent a plan being created.


Mitchell Gardens, Slinfold