LETTER: Roadworks are strangling town

A four mile journey home from Sainsbury’s in Horsham took 45 minutes instead of the usual six minutes on July 22.

Thursday, 31st July 2014, 6:00 am
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At first I could not understand why the car park was gridlocked and cars were struggling to get to the exit.

At 5.30pm it took about 25 minutes to get as far as the roundabout on Worthing Road where it became abundantly clear that it was due to a constant stream of traffic coming from Albion Way onto the Worthing Road, presumably to avoid the roadworks on the A24.

It was a struggle even to turn into Albion Way as drivers would not even leave a gap on the roundabout to allow traffic out of Sainsbury’s, a sad reflection on selfish motorists today.

This is another reason which will put shoppers off visiting the town late afternoon; as if businesses are not struggling enough.

Although it’s not just having an affect on the town but minor roads through villages west of Horsham are becoming a rat run.

WSCC and HDC need to sort this out, the roadworks cannot be allowed to cause gridlock in the town for the next 18 months.

There must be some way of providing two lanes northbound until 9am and two lanes southbound after 4pm.


Trout Lane, Barns Green