LETTER: Proactive work to safeguard care

I write to express my gratitude to our elected representatives for their proactive work to ensure suitable arrangements are in place when Mill Stream closes.

Tuesday, 20th May 2014, 6:00 am
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I have written to Nick Herbert MP, all of the district councillors for our area and Horsham District Council.

I am pleased to say that before the close of business I had received detailed replies from Nick Herbert MP, HDC councillor Ray Dawe and chief executive Tom Crowley.

All are working with other local surgeries to ensure they are able to cope and providing practical assistance to ensure this happens without unnecessary bureaucratic delay.

Additionally they are aware of the long term needs of the area and are working with the NHS and local surgeries to explore the possibilities.

Having now seen the reasons for the closure given by the NHS and some of the assurances given by others I am more assured about the future.

Still a shame though that a way couldn’t be found to have enabled Mill Stream to have continued.


Montpelier Gardens, Washington