LETTER: Politicians ignore voter discontent

The recent election has shown how disillusioned the people of Britain and even other countries have become with the European Union and its ruling over us.

Thursday, 29th May 2014, 6:00 am
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The scale of the discontentment has been ignored by politicians, a previous promise of a referendum not fulfilled and the current promise of one in 2017 is too far away!

Perhaps the way that the electorate has expressed its disappoval so poignantly in the European election will be noted by our local councillors.

They do not appreciate, it seems, how strongly the majority of Horsham people are against the plans for North Horsham and the obvious future link with Crawley.

They are disgusted with the disgraceful way this is being forced on to us.

If people still think it worthwhile to vote at the next council election, hopefully we will have some different councillors that represent the people who voted them in.


Highlands Avenue, Horsham