LETTER: Huge applause for local candidates

One prominent message thundered around the room at the Campaign to Protect Rural England ‘hustings’ debate at Horsham’s Drill Hall, with huge applause for the candidates who said they actually lived in the area.

Thursday, 26th March 2015, 5:00 am
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These Parliamentary candidates had lived here for years, knew our issues inside out, and cared passionately about them. And it showed in everything they said.

There was no such applause for the Conservatives’ Jeremy Quin, however (who lives in Buckinghamshire, and describes himself as a company adviser when he is actually a corporate banker).

The nearest he could muster to bonds with the area came in a comment that he had visited Horsham ‘just nine days ago’.

I would be interested to know from Mr Quin:

Precisely how many times he has visited Horsham in his entire life, and for how long in total?

Precisely how many times he has visited Fareham in his entire life (where he was rejected by the Tories in his bid for this other so-called ‘safe seat’ on Feb 28), and for how long in total.

And how these two figures reflect on his commitment to the countryside of either location - or anything else for that matter, apart from securing a seat in Parliament


Vera’s Walk, Storrington