Winter sports look such fun in Sochi, we want to have a go!

I’m really happy this week because it is half term and the Winter Olympics have me very excited. I don’t know much about skiing but my friend Polly the Parrot is a big fan.

Wednesday, 19th February 2014, 9:32 am

She said she is going to show me how to do the slalom. I’m not sure what that is, but apparently it’s a really cool trick that all good skiers can do.

Personally, I prefer the skeleton event because it looks like a roller coaster ride. I’m not too sure about being that close to the ice though, my friend Gillian the Giraffe has a big tea tray and we’re going to sled down a hill near my house. I’m really hoping we will go very very fast like the Olympians do but Gillian told me that we can’t do that without a solid ice track. I’ve though of a cunning plan and I’m going to buy some spray snow to try and trick the track into thinking it’s ice. My friend Tony the Tortoise laughed at me when I told him this and said I would have better luck going to a dry-ski slope.

So this week on Thursday, Gillain, Polly, me and EVEN Tony are going to try out dry-skiing. We’re even taking the tea tray in case we get a chance to sledge down the slope. I have even bought myself a woolly hat and some big fat skiing trousers that make my legs look like I’ve been blown up like a balloon.

Happy skiing folks! Make sure you have fun and write in with your Winter Olympics tales, email all your pictures and letters to [email protected] and if your story is really good, you could be featured on this page.

Chip, chip for now!