'Leave us alone'... Residents slam 'ridiculous' Broadbridge Heath bypass works

Controversial plans to downgrade the Broadbridge Heath bypass have faced huge backlash from residents.

Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 12:50 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 12:56 pm
The A281 is set to be downgraded

Eight months worth of works are set to be carried out as West Sussex County Council begins a £2 million scheme on the A281 next month.

The works will see the road downgraded and split in two with drivers being unable to travel directly from the Farthings Hill roundabout to Newbridge roundabout. For more see: Broadbridge Heath bypass works: All you need to knowMany have raised concerns over the traffic chaos the scheme will cause and have called on the money to be 'better spent' on other services.

Commenting on the County Times Facebook page Rachel Wood said: "What is the point of this? The road works okay as it is, why not leave well alone and spend the tax payers money on something sensible? Schools, doctors, dentists. Where has common sense gone?

A map of the proposed new layout of the road

Gary Henshall said: "Why not leave as it is and spend the money on something we desperately need like a school?"

Julie Astridge said: "It is sad that this is going to happen. It will be absolute chaos. If they want to improve cycle routes there is a massive grass verge. More schools, doctors, dentists, hospital and better quality roads needed not closing a road.

Art Mather said: "What is the motivation? Is it to get more people to cycle? Dream on, money better spent on doctor surgery or school as most comments suggest.

Maureen Magee added: "Why can't they listen to us, we need a new hospital, school, not spending all this money on roads."

Diversions (highlighted in purple) will be in place throughout the works

Some parents raised concerns about getting their children to schools in Horsham whilst others expressed their anger over the longer trip to Tesco.

Issues were also raised about the traffic chaos downgrading the road would cause.

KT Godders said: "Having read the plans for this in detail I am aghast. Who on earth thought this was a good idea? Downgrading an already very busy section of road? The traffic leading into that roundabout sometimes goes all the way back towards Tanbridge school. There will be more cars in the future not less. Particularly given all the new houses being built. This is utter insanity."

Penny Shazell said: "Fishers roundabout will now be a nightmare as all traffic for Tesco is now pushed onto that. It’s going to be a joke trying to get anywhere from Broadbridge Heath. Leave us alone we’ve had building and roadworks here for as long as I can remember. Ridiculous."

Anne Harwood-Stamper said "It’s ridiculous to think it’s going to cut the traffic through the village. Now all of the traffic from the village itself will be leaving from the farthings end so there will actually be more traffic through the village. Waste of money and resources."

Barry Smith added: "This will only bring mayhem. Such short sightedness, again."

Calls were also made to start a petition to fight the planned works.

However, not everyone was opposed to the plans

Paula Jane Cunningham said: "A bit confused but will get used to it, good for cyclists and pedestrians. Shame money couldn't be used for more urgent needs, but maybe we'll get more money for essential services after next elections."

Mark William-Marshall Mac said: "Looks good. More provisions for cyclists can only be good."

Ryan Oakley came up with his own solution saying: "Just put a slip road off the A24 into and out of Tesco and cut 75 per cent of all the traffic."

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