Horsham film-makers welcome new aircraft design

A Horsham film producer, who helped make a thriller about airline safety, has praised one aircraft manufacturer for addressing the issue they highlighted in their film.

Wednesday, 27th August 2014, 2:13 pm
A Dark Reflection, a film made and filmed in and around the Horsham district screens at Cannes. L-R Sarah Holloway, Senior assistant producer; Abramo Di Licio, Steadicam Operator; Tristan Loraine: Producer/Director - picture submitted SUS-140206-121017001

Last year the Horsham based company Fact Not Fiction films made the investigative thriller ‘A Dark Reflection’ tackling the real-life issue of bleed air - the process by which cabin air is passed through the compression section of the engine.

It is unfiltered and can become contaminated by toxic engine oil, it has been claimed.

Last week the Global Cabin Air Quality Executive (GCAQE), which represents more than 800,000 airline staff and consumers, congratulated Boeing for manufacturing the first aeroplane providing clean air for passengers during their flights.

The Executive said using bleed air had continued for 50 years despite the aviation industry knowing of the dangers.

Assistant producer of A Dark Reflection, Sarah Holloway, said: “We congratulate Boeing on its 787 Dreamliner, which is the beginning of healthier air travel.

“It is currently the only plane to have bleed-free technology that literally provides a ‘breath of fresh air’ to crew and passengers.

“Although, the first of its kind, this is the dream we have of the future for all aircraft, so people can travel safely to any destination around the world, without concern for their health.

“I hope the airline industry will listen to public demand for clean air, by continuing to produce planes with this same bleed-free technology.”

She added: “A Dark Reflection is an investigative thriller that takes the audience on a journey that uncovers what happened on flight 313.

“The film is based on some real people and real facts regarding the GCAQE information, but is also very entertaining.

“I believe this is an issue that the public should know about and films are something that people can engage with, so it is a great way of commanding attention to this global problem.”

Tristan Loraine, co-chairman of the GCAQE and producer of A Dark Reflection, said: “The Boeing 787 ‘bleed-free’ technology is the only sensible option for all future aircraft designs.”

The GCAQE has called on all airframe and engine manufacturers, to only use Boeing 787 ‘bleed-free’ technology on all newly-manufactured or new type aircraft to protect crews and passengers and to introduce engineering air filtration solutions for all non Boeing 787 aircraft.

A spokesman said: “It is unsafe to breathe aviation engine oil fumes that contaminate the ventilation air on ‘bleed air’ equipped aircraft.

“The European Commission has recently classified one of the organophosphates present in some major engine oils as a ‘Substance of Very High Concern’ (SVHC) because it may cause harm to the unborn and impair fertility.

“A wide range of United Nations and REACH hazard classifications exist for the chemical constituents in engine oils. Thus, it is unacceptable for the industry to continue to supply unfiltered engine bleed air knowing that no engine seal can exclude all oil, and that varying amounts of oil will leak into the system and be supplied directly to the cabin and flight deck for passengers and crew to breathe.”