Students pass Collyer’s certificate in financial maths

Students at the presentation ceremony
Students at the presentation ceremony

In a presentation ceremony hosted by Collyer’s principal, Sally Bromley, 28 students received certificates for successfully passing the Collyer’s certificate in financial maths.

The students, who had sat their GCSE maths exams in November, took the course to improve their understanding and application of maths to real life situations.

The Collyer’s certificate in financial maths covers a range of important and relevant real world topics.

Learners studied topics such as calculating tax and National Insurance contributions – vital for any students considering running a business or being self-employed later in life.

They also learned how mortgage repayments were calculated, what expenses are involved in renting a property and how to determine which savings account would be best for their needs.

Students also learned how to manage their finances, what factors should be considered when thinking about a loan or finance plan and how to budget money whether they are at university or in employment.

The students who passed this challenging course were: Jordan Preston, Sulaimaan Azoor, Jack Saunders, Alice Bee, Joana Paiva-Pombo; Joe Lawrence, Joshua Collins, James Howell, Jasmine Moss; Skye Fisher, Shannon Rolph-Doherty, Kayley Shopland, Olivia Thorne; Tom Finneran-Lidbetter, Amy Phillips, Verity Pickering, Ellie Doughton, Lola Hardie; Sophia Malone, Liam Gallagher, Anna Russell, Tiany Earnell, Claudia Rotolo, Emma D’Andrea; Kira Ashdown, Kiah Morgan, Rhys Howard and Tommy Bull.

Joel Hofmann, maths teacher and course creator, said: “This has been a really useful and practical course for our students.

“It has taught them important life skills and helped them to see how maths can be used in the real world. Several students have already told me how the course has helped them to manage their finances and prepare for life after college.”

At the end of the six week course, students had to provide a portfolio of work and sit an exam to show their understanding of the topics covered.

Each of the problems in the portfolio and the exam were set around real life situations similar to those the students may meet later in life, such as a working family trying to budget for a holiday while managing their other expenses.

Hannah Page, head of maths, said: “This course has been an excellent addition to the wide range of maths programmes that we are able to offer here at Collyer’s.

“Making links between what the mathematics students are learning and the practical applications in the world around us, has always been a key principle in our teaching, and this course has helped us to make these connections even clearer.”

Principal Sally Bromley added: “Congratulations to everyone involved and a particular thank-you to Joel Hoffman for his hard work in organising this valuable course. We have an excellent mathematics department and these talented students and their teachers have worked really hard to be successful.”