Holbrook Primary School marks 25 years of learning

The cake cutting
The cake cutting

Holbrook Primary School celebrated its silver jubilee on Wednesday July 18.

A day of celebration was planned with many special events happening throughout the day.

The day started with a whole school assembly looking back over the past 25 years and some of the events, films, books, music, gadgets and people from 1992 to 2018.

In the morning a video for the school website was created using a drone, this idea came from the children.

A commemorative photo was taken of this to mark this event which will also be available to purchase.

The shoot followed with the cutting of a birthday cake and a picnic in the field.

The children had been asked to create an artwork of what they thought some of inventions over the next 25 years might bring us all.

The artwork was very creative and was a wonderful show of the talent that can be found in Holbrook school.

The artwork was exhibited in the school hall and included a robot teacher, hovering scooter, flying bus and a machine that serves any type of food you would like with the push of a button.

Parents and carers were encouraged to view the exhibition and then enjoy a picnic in the school field to end the festivities. There was also a commemorative tea towel with self-portraits of each child available to purchase from Friends of Holbrook to mark the momentous occasion.