Debate rages over mystery Horsham stink

‘Is Crawley getting closer by the day?’ queried one user on the Horsham Facebook page last Thursday (September 15) as debate raged about a mystery smell hanging over Horsham.

Thursday, 22nd September 2011, 5:25 pm

The issue caused a stink as users complained of an unpleasant ‘smell of vomit’ pervading the town.

One post said: “I smelt it at Horsham station today. It was vile!”

Suggestions as to the source of the strange stench also included ‘my cooking’, and ‘the cheese shop in the Carfax’!

Other more serious contributors said the smell could have come from the sewerage works near the Broadbridge Heath bypass.

One post said: “If you’re over Holbrook way and the smell is like pitch or creosote then that is the landfill smell and you should call your local councillor.”

Another user suggested that the stink came from burning rubbish.

“I’m Warnham end and I describe it as a ‘pepperami’ smell.

“It’s all caused by them burning the gases off at the tip/land fill. That’s why it has the rotten rubbish stench to it and it’s worse in the early hours of the morning.”

But most users agreed that the smell probably came from farmers speading muck on their fields.

“Slurry from the farms always leaves an awful smell,” said one post.

But the stink seems to have wafted over Horsham district council completely.

A mystified spokesman said: “The council hasn’t received any complaints about a smell in Horsham.”

Do you know the source of the mystery smell? Contact the County Times at [email protected]