Crawley baker’s gingerbread business hit with ‘unnecessary inspections’, says MP

Sam French of Sam's Kitchen
Sam French of Sam's Kitchen

A Crawley baker who makes gingerbread men and women has raised concern about the number of inspections his business has had to undergo,

Henry Smith MP hailed young Crawley entrepreneur Sam French while speaking in the House of Commons.

Henry Smith MP

Henry Smith MP

The MP said: “Sam’s Kitchen was set up by a young entrepreneur in Crawley several years ago.

“On meeting him recently, he reported a large number of frequent and, it seems, unnecessary inspections.

“How can we make sure that we get the balance right between necessary regulation and not imposing too much of a burden on young, growing businesses?”

The Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research & Innovation, Chris Skidmore MP, replied: “I understand that Sam French is a young entrepreneur selling homemade gingerbread men and women.

“I congratulate him on his success.”

He added: “I am pleased that he shares his experience with other young entrepreneurs. It is important, however, that inspections in the food industry are based on a national code of practice and are intended to give the necessary reassurances to business and consumers so that they can buy products with absolute confidence.”

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Mr Smith spoke with Sam French, founder of Sam’s Kitchen, at the Taste of West Sussex event in Parliament.

Mr Smith said: “I’m grateful to Sam for raising with me his concerns regarding the inspections that Sam’s Kitchen has had to undergo.

“It’s vital that we get the balance right between necessary regulation, and seemingly unnecessary burdens which businesses are being asked to go through.”

Sam French said “I’d like to thank Henry Smith MP for highlighting and continuing his support of small businesses run by young people.”