Billy Connolly look-alike

Bognor-based Billy Connolly look- and sound-alike Stewart Nicol is launching a series of comedy clubs.

Saturday, 21st May 2011, 8:01 am

On May 21 he will be at The George in Felpham from 7.30pm and on May 29 he will be at The Hole In The Wall in Chichester, also from 7.30pm - both new ventures under Bognor’s Rox banner.

Last September Stewart compered Rox On The Prom on the main stage over the whole two days. Now he’s delighted to be continuing Rox’s year-round programme (more details

Stewart is already up and running with monthly comedy clubs at The Prince Of Wales in Bognor and at The George. He is hoping that The Hole In The Wall will also emerge as a monthly event.

“I am the compere. I come on and do five minutes and then introduce the first act who will do 15-20 minutes and then I do another five minutes and then introduce the second act who will do about 20-30 minutes. And then in the second half we do the same thing.

“And if there is an audience member who thinks they can do a bit of stand-up and tell a few jokes, then they can - but I know it is one of the most difficult jobs in the world!”

Stewart has stepped in in the past, but is happy just to compere: “I can be hilarious for five or ten minutes and then watch all these great guys that just crack me up.”

Stewart has been doing Billy for more than ten years now - and recently got the chance to meet the man himself. Stewart handed him an interview he (Stewart) had done in The Chichester Observer in which Stewart’s and Billy’s pictures were placed opposite each other.

“He took one look at me and said ‘I bet you get some stick looking like that!’”

For Stewart, Billy’s genius is that he was the first of the observational comedians, influencing the likes of Peter Kay, Eddie Izzard and Paul Merton.

Stewart loves it when people comment on his likeness, particularly as he can deliver a Billy-style quip back: “In that moment, you get an idea what it is like to be as adored as Billy is!”