15 top places for lunch in Horsham according to TripAdvisor

With many people heading into Horsham town for some Christmas shopping in the coming weeks we've looked at the top lunchtime venues via TripAdvisor.

Friday, 30th November 2018, 9:03 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 3:33 am

We’ve provided a list of the favourite 15, which includes a wide range of food. While most are in the town centre we have included one slightly further afield as it’s particularly popular.

Artisan Tea Rooms & Patisserie, Market Square. 'A fantastic selection of teas and good snack menu'
Sophia's Barista Bar, East Street. 'Excellent new cafe , lovely staff'
Beeches Buffet, East Street. 'Good value and fresh!'
Carmela Deli, Carfax. 'Excellent Horsham Deli'
The Conservatory Cafe, North Street. 'Lovely little cafe'.
Eye Cafe, West Street. 'A Hidden gem in Horsham'.
Mangobean, Bishopric. 'Fun and friendly cafe with great coffee'.
Panino Cafe, Carfx. 'Great service and delicious food!'
Roffey Griddle, Fitzalan Road. 'Lunch, straight forward cafe with a decent cuppa!'.
Steamer Trading Cookshop & Cafe, East Street. 'Cup of tea on a rainy Saturday afternoon'.
The Cafe, Nightingale Road. 'Clean, tasty food, value for money'.
The Comodor, West Walk. 'A great place for breakfast, brunch or lunch'.
Crates, Carfax. 'Crates Coffee with a smile'.
Pret A Manger, West Street. 'Quick, friendly, yummy'.
Pretty Things, Park Place. 'Pretty and Tasty'.