Lead technical artist visits Collyer's College to discuss careers

Jodie Azhar, a ledaing game designer reached out to students to talk about gaining a career in the industry.

Thursday, 15th March 2018, 4:27 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 9:47 pm
Jodie Azhar (front) gave the students a fascinating presentation

Jodie Azhar, who previously attended Collyer’s and Millais, took time out from her hectic schedule to give a presentation and answer questions, facilitated by deputy principal Steve Martell. Jodie is famous for working on a number of titles, including the successful Total War series.

Lucy Hargreaves, employability programme co-ordinator, organised the event. She said: “It was incredibly generous of Jodie to give up so much valuable time to prepare for and 
present today’s session. This is an incredibly exciting industry to work in!”

Jodie, who is a lead technical artist at creative assembly, spoke to Collyer’s students about the computer visualisation and animation course she studied at university, and was very complimentary about her time at Collyer’s and 

She also answered questions about life working as a leading technical animator, a creative job that requires ability at both programming and art.

Jodie said: “It was great talking to the students and hopefully they’ve all taken away something to 
think about.”

Deputy principal Steve Martell said: “Jodie Azhar is an inspiring, prodigious talent, who genuinely cares about helping the next generation. It was an honour to welcome her back to Collyer’s!

“Her passion for gaming is infectious and our students haven’t stopped talking about her.”

Collyer’s student Molly O’Brien said: “I found the talk incredibly interesting.

“Jodie really opened my eyes to the numerous opportunities the gaming industry has to offer.

“She’s given me the insight to understand the path to take in order to be successful within the industry.”

Collyer’s director of higher education and progression, Ian McAlister, who also presents at Higher Education and progression events at the Ofsted oustanding sixth form college was impressed:

“Today’s session is just one of the college’s numerous progression initiatives that run throughout the year, including: mock interviews, employability skills workshops, psychometric testing, HE evenings; leadership sympozium, special guest Q&A panels, networking lunches, mock assessment days and of course our Not Going to Uni