Horsham students get clued up on further education

Collyer's students at the UCAS Exhibition
Collyer's students at the UCAS Exhibition

Hundreds of Horsham students have been getting clued up on their future thanks to a further education event.

Following on from record attendances at the college’s recent Not Going to University (NG2U) events, more than 450 Collyer’s students attended the Sussex and Hampshire University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) Exhibition.

Eight coaches made their way down to the Brighton Centre for this information packed day, comprising of 250 stalls and information points.

There were also representatives from 150 universities, who were on hand to help students make that all important next choice about the future stages of education.

Ian McAlister, director of higher education and progression at Collyer’s, said: “This was a very successful event and will springboard our students into thinking very clearly about their next steps.

“We take this very seriously at Collyer’s and invest a great deal of time and effort into ensuring our students are well informed.”

The UCAS exhibition gave students the opportunity to ask the difficult questions about further education which the websites or prospectus cannot always answer.

The university representatives were an excellent mix of current university students and academic staff.

Dan Lodge, vice-principal, quality and curriculum, added: “Huge thanks to Ian McAlister, the tutors, heads of houses and Collyer’s support staff who accompanied the trip, and for their great work organising the logistics and ticketing for the event.

“By all accounts it was a huge success.”

Ian said students were becoming ‘increasingly discerning’ in their choices for their next educational step.

He said: “It’s become a busy, challenging, but very exciting day for them all!”

Collyer’s deputy principal Steve Martell added: “This event is just one of many that the students will have in the coming months, to help them make an informed decision about their academic futures.

“I am massively encouraged by the students’ active participation in the UCAS Convention.”