Jeweller's gem of an idea to beat new low interest rates

'Are you happy with the new and very low interest rates of 0.25 per cent?' asks Dominic Sakakini, of Sakakini Jewellers in Horsham.

Thursday, 8th September 2016, 3:17 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 8:49 pm

“Or the fact that the banks are now even suggesting they may have to charge you for their services? Where does that leave your hard savings and more importantly wouldn’t you like to earn a lot more on your investments? Because I know I would.”

The new interest rates represent depressing news for anyone with or thinking about putting their money in a bank, ISA or savings account but there are other ways of making a much better return on your money, advises Dominic. And they’re risk free, he says.

Dominic explains: “Did you now for example, that the value of a ‘0.50ct G colour slight inclusions’ diamond has gone up by 48.5 per cent in the last five years?

‘‘That’s a profit of £1,390 on an initial investment of £2,878!” explains Dominic.

“Imagine earning that rate of return on your £10,000 ISA!

‘‘Most people would jump at the chance and those figures aren’t mine.

‘‘They’re independently compiled by Safe Guard based on an average retail mark up and VAT and then compared with international diamond prices for additional accuracy.

‘‘In fact over the last 30 years, diamonds have consistently and significantly gone up in value, year after year.

“There have been no significant diamond deposits discovered for the last 20 years and the diamond market is carefully managed making it a much safer investment than gold or just a savings account.

‘‘And with our diamonds, we offer a guarantee, namely that we’ll always buy a diamond that you buy from us back at the price you paid for it, making it quite literally safer than houses and a definite win, win!

‘‘Each of our diamonds comes with an internationally recognised certificate and when it comes to selling your stones, I always recommend an auction house to increase the potential for profit,” explains Dominic.

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