Dog therapy businesses’ DVD wins American award

A Shipley dog therapy business is the unlikely recipient of an award from the Dog Writers’ Association of America for its DVD.

Wednesday, 29th May 2013, 11:01 am
Julia Robertson director of Galen Natural Progression and Galen Therapy Centre (contributed).

Canine specialists Julia Robertson and Elisabeth Pope, the Directors of Galen Natural Progression, strengthen and rehabilitate dogs’ muscles through natural exercise.

The DVD ‘From Tongue to Tail’ is presented by Sussex vet Andy Mead and has sold hundreds of copies worldwide.

It educates dog owners about exercise physiology, how everyday activities affect their animals’ anatomy and movement.

The aim is to prevent the strains and mobility issues often treated by the Galen team.

Through their sister company Galen Therapy Centre, they also treat pets and working dogs using a hands-on physical therapy technique called myotherapy.

Julia and Elisabeth were the only nominees from outside the US in the DWAA awards category and were delighted with the news:

“We are very proud that Tongue To Tail has been recognised by others within the dog care industry. And it reveals some interesting facts that even the most experienced owners may be surprised to learn.”

Following the DVD’s success Julia and vet Andy Mead have just had a new book published called Physical Therapy and Massage for the Dog.

As well as treating dogs, the Galen Therapy Centre trains people techniques to help their pets at home and those wishing to pursue canine myotherapy and exercise physiology as a career.

Their courses attract students from all over the world.