Keeping head and losing heart

Produced by the award-winning Rosemary Branch Theatre with Tennison’s Quirk, in association with Guildford’s Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Sense And Sensibility comes to the Mill Studio, Guildford, from Thursday, February 23 to Saturday, March 3.

Tuesday, 21st February 2012, 9:44 am

Elinor keeps her head, Marianne loses her heart…

Jane Austen’s classic novel of two sisters and their search for love in a society bound by financial fortune is brought to the stage in a production promising “beautiful imagery, original music, humour and heartbreak”.

Directed by Helen Tennison, the cast includes: Bobbi O’Callaghan; James Burton; Jason Eddy; Emma Fenney; Francesca Wilding; and Lainey Shaw.

Following the Company’s success with last year’s production of Breakfast With Emma, the team began the search for the right script to create their new production.

They needed a story which fulfilled the criteria of a classic novel adaptation with scope for visual imagery and an original score, says Helen Tennison who was delighted to find Sense And Sensibility, a play by Roger Parsley and Andy Graham.

“I thought it was wonderful and the more I learn about Austen, the more I wish I’d read her as a teenager. I think I could have learned a lot from her and avoided people like Willoughby! That’s assuming I would have had the sense to heed her words. I’m probably still rather guilty of sensibility despite my Austen education.”

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