Horsham author completes crime trilogy

Horsham author Cliff Comber completes his crime trilogy with the publication of If Good Men Do Nothing (Publishing Push, £9.99, available from Amazon, Waterstones, Wisborough Green Stores).

Friday, 7th May 2021, 8:05 am
Horsham author Cliff Comber
Horsham author Cliff Comber

Cliff, aged 70, said: “This is the third and final crime fiction novel in the Dennis ‘Dutch’ French series.

“I was first inspired to write a book to acknowledge my late friend Police Sergeant Dennis Chopping for his tireless work with underprivileged children.

“Due to my long and varied police career I had an abundance of material for the novels. These experiences together with those of two retired paratroopers have been altered to fit the narratives. I feel this book would be suitable to all readers as although classed as fictional, most of the incidents have been derived from actual events. My inspiration came from the wish to acknowledge some of the many people that have been inspirational during my life-time and in order to do so, with permission I have used their names. Strangely enough my initial idea for the story came to me whilst waiting in a car wash. I am not a natural writer and have required plenty of help on the way especially with my lack of understanding of modern technology. Apart from crime fiction readers, I feel that the book will appeal to armed service, police personnel, and due to my interest in the sport, runners.”

The book is the final part of Cliff’s trilogy: “The first in the trilogy is Running For His Lives which explains the first years in the life of Dennis ‘Dutch’ French and how he revenges the rape of his wife. The second novel is Deadly Deceit that tells the story of how Dutch, due to his retribution is pursued by a criminal cartel, but due to his skills is able to evade assassination.

If Good Men Do Nothing is the third, available to order at Waterstones.