Don't look now but there's something hairy behind you.
Don't look now but there's something hairy behind you.

(12A) 100mins

Director: Catherine Hardwicke.

Starring: Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman, Shiloh Fernandez, Max Irons, Julie Christie.

WE all know the fairy strory of Red Riding Hood, but what if the wolf was a werewolf and Miss Hood had romantic troubles? Well, you’d end up with this film.

Seyfried (Mama Mia and a host of TV appearances) is Valerie, in love with Peter (Fernandez) but betrothed to Henry (Jeremy Irons’ son Max).

If that weren’t bad enough, the werewolf returns after several years to kill someone close to her.

So we are left with the big questions - who will Valerie end up with and who is the big, bad wolf?

Some will be fascinated, but equally, some won’t actually care.

Those fans of the Twilight franchise may think they are having deja vu - no surprise as this is made by the same team.

Fernandez and Irons are the major attractions and, indeed, most the audience I sat among were young women.

But while these two actors try their best, it’s left to ‘veterans’ Gary Oldman and Julie Christie to provide the heavyweight acting.

In fact the film only seemsto get going once Mr Oldman, as Father Solomon, appears on the scene to track down the furry baddie.

Ms Christie is always worth a watch and revels in the role of the grandmother.

The film provides plenty enough red herrings to serve up a banquet as to who is the wolf and I have to say I didn’t guess.

three out of five stars

Steve Payne