Latest cinemas releases - July 4

Spiderman arrives on the big screen,,, again.
Spiderman arrives on the big screen,,, again.
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The Amazing Spider-Man 12A

Only one movie to talk about this week - seemingly no distributor wanted to match up against this heavyweight.

The storyline goes back to the beginning where Peter Parker is an orphan.

This action-packed film shows Peter’s journey into ‘finding himself’ and why his parents left.

In the process he discovers a troubled man who is his late father’s business partner Dr Curt Connors.

Problems arise when biological studies cause all sorts of problems and Spider-Man is left to protect humanity against The Lizard.

However, he has even more problems, hunted by the whole of the New York Police Derpatment.

Andrew Garfield is the latest web-slinger (English, though born in the USA) and Rhys Ifans is the much troubled Dr Curt Connors.

Hold on to your seats, especially in IMAX, as Spider-Man swings across town in glorious 3D.

Steve Payne