Film review: Epic (7 out of 10)


The world of animation has moved to an incredible level as far as the technological side is concerned.

For many films using the latest techniques there’s also a shift away from the basic hero and villain plot. The idea is to create a movie that both young ones and adults can enjoy.

Epic is certainly amazing to look at with an attention to detail that on occasions is defies belief.

However, apart from a couple of crazy characters, there’s not a lot to keep the parents’ attention.

I’ve no doubt children will love this film and at the screening I attended one youngster started applauding at the end.

It could be argued, why should the grown-ups muscle in on a children’s movie? Well, if you want universal appeal you need to include everyone.

The plot sees Mary Katherine (or MK, played by Amanda Seyfried) arrive at her father’s ramshackle home in the forest following the death of her mother.

Her parents had separated as dad had spent too much time looking for a mysterious race of tiny people.

However, these people do exist and face a battle to keep the forest (and ultimately the world) green and flowering in the face of fierce opposition from a bunch of bugs who prefer death and destruction.

MK inadvertently becomes a part of the micro world and tries to help good overcome evil.

You pretty much know what will happen as the film unfolds but it has to be said director Chris Wedge keeps the action ticking over so there’s no time to get bored.

Colin Farrell is good as Ronin, leading the leaf folk against evil and Beyonce Knowles has a half-decent cameo role as the Queen.

The main comic action revolves round a snail (Chris O’Dowd) and a slug (Aziz Ansari) who have more character than the rest of the cast.

However, the film could have done with a bit more humour instead of pushing its message of keeping the planet green.

But if you want to keep a young member of the family fascinated for 102 minutes then Epic will provide a magical world for them to get lost in.

If you’re an adult, just admire the amazing detail of the animation.

Film details: Epic (U) 102 mins.

Director: Chris Wedge

Starring (voices): Beyonce Knowles, Amanda Seyfried, Colin Farrell, Josh Hutcherson

Screening courtesy of Cineworld Crawley

Steve Payne