DVD review: Ill Manors (3 out of 5 stars)

Ill Manors.
Ill Manors.

Ben Drew’s (aka singer Plan B) move into the world of movie-making is a disturbing look at what is considered to be a ‘normal life’ for some people.

He has written and directed this tough, gritty drama that doesn’t hold back on the violence or the swearing.

It’s based on a London estate where drugs, prostitution and gang culture are thriving.

We follow a few of the people wrapped up in this life where only the strong survive.

Each of the main characters are given a brief profile so we can understand why they act and think as they do.

As the movie progresses their lives become intertwined, often with dramatic and violent consequences.

The film certainly puts a spotlight on this hard core way of life.

But even a project like this needs some lighter moments for its audience.

Film-makers have long since discovered that a constant battering of the senses like this doesn’t work.

The acting is top-class for the most part (using a mix of professionals and non-professionals) which makes you feel on occasions you are watching a documentary.

There are glimpses of quality directing that provide hope for future projects.

However, for many this movie will be an uncomfortable glimpse at life a million miles away from their own existence.

Steve Payne