DVD review: Desire to Kill (4 out of 5 stars)

Desire to Kill.
Desire to Kill.

This Korean thriller was first on the big screen back in 2010 but has now been released on DVD.

It’s an intriguing story that takes you in various directions as the plot evolves and then trips you up with a clever ending that I, for one, didn’t see coming.

The story sees Min-Ho, following the death of his wife, trying to commit suicide.

However, after one attempt he finds himself in hospital paralysed from the neck down.

Then an unconscious man, Sang-Up, who has had brain surgery, is placed in the next bed.

However, Min-Ho recognises him as the man who killed his wife.

Sang-Up wakes up but has amnesia.

Will he recover and remember who he is? Will he try to finish off the job he started?

Chun Ho-Jin and Yoo Hae-Jin are excellent in the main leads, mixing elements of horror with some great black humour.

Writer-directors Owen Cho and Kim Sang Hwa keep the suspense going and deliver the coup coup de grace with aplomb.

The DVD extras include interviews with the cast and a trailer collection.

Desire to Kill (cert 15 - 91mins) is distributed by Terracotta distribution.

Steve Payne