Would you invite this lot to your wedding?
Would you invite this lot to your wedding?

(15) 125mins

Director: Paul Feig

Starring: Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Chris O’Dowd, Jill Clayburgh, Melissa McCarthy

IF YOU’VE heard that this movie is a female version of The Hangover, ignore the comparison - it’s better.

Whereas The Hangover is a series of crash and burn antics, Bridesmaids has a decent storyline, better acting and is just more fun.

Wiig stars as Annie whose life is going nowhere. She’s lost her bakery business, has little money, is treated as an object in a flimsy and casual relationship and her flatmates are a nightmare.

Her childhood friend (Rudolph) is the one decent thing in her life, but when she announces she’s getting married and wants Annie as maid of honour things start to look up.

However, one of the other bridesmaids is keen to muscle in on the organisation of the wedding.

Annie’s attempts to create the perfect wedding are thwarted by the rivalry, plus a series of disastrous decisions.

There is some toilet humour (literally) but most of the fun is far more subtle, though sit back and enjoy a women’s doubles tennis match that would be banned at Wimbledon.

Add to the mix a gentle romance with a local cop and you have an enjoyable movie.

Chris O’Dowd is very good as the cop and fellow Brit Matt Lucas has a great cameo as the flatmate.

The late Jill Clayburgh also impresses as Annie’s mum.

All the bridesmaids contribute to the fun but McCarthy as the groom’s sister manages to take over every scene she’s in.

An opening sex scene and some four-letter words means it’s 15 certificate, but if you’re not easily offended then you’ll enjoy one of the funniest films this year.

four out of five stars

Steve Payne

Screening courtesy of Cineworld Crawley