‘Visitation’ encourages Andrew to pursue dream

Andrew Dee
Andrew Dee

Andrew Dee will be at The Hawth Theatre in Crawley on July 3 as part of his latest tour Black or White.

Spokeswoman Lorraine McGregor said: “Andrew spends much of his time helping other people who either want to connect to their loved ones or if they, too, are looking for some guidance about changing their own lives with his soul guidance sessions.

“When he connects, Andrew literally changes the frequency at which he works, pretty much in the same that you would change the frequency of a radio to find another station. Andrew’s own change of frequency came only six years ago when he was an RAF communications officer stationed in Basra, Iraq, providing welfare communications for British troops.

“He was enjoying some rare time off when he happened upon a half buried, painted Dutch clog key ring in the sand, 3,000 miles from home.

“So what, you ask? It is not by coincidence that Andrew’s grandfathers were Dutch.

“Not only that, Andrew’s father had a restaurant named Clogs and even today, his mother, aged 70, still runs a pub and one wall in particular is adorned with Clogs, collected over the years during frequent trips from and to Dutch family.

“During his find, Andrew felt his grandfather’s presence completely envelope him and he is still convinced to this day that his grandfather was there that day reassuring him with his presence. Since then he used his visitation as motivation to develop his mediumistic talents and pursue his dream.”

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