Review: Julian Clary finds love in Horsham

Julian Clary, The Capitol, Horsham, Friday, April 26

Hailed the winner of Celebrity Big Brother last year, garnering rave reviews for his new novel, and now enjoying an extended tour of his latest stand-up act, Julian Clary must be pirouetting on cloud nine.

Therefore, it only makes sense that he would like a life-long companion to revel in his success with him.

That’s why ‘Position Vacant: Apply Within’ is Julian’s outlandish attempt to track down the love of his life – and when it comes to applicants, no one is safe.

Performed around a set of spangled props, a chicken and a few bottles of Blue Nun, you’re immediately reminded of his trademark camp, crude and comedic persona.

Opening with a tongue-in-cheek song and a reel of gags about his home life in Kent, Julian draws the majority of his material from recent experiences in and out of the public eye.

It’s hard not to laugh as someone dressed in a glitter pressed suit divulges every personal account with a sexual innuendo rolled up his sleeve.

He fully engaged the audience and bantered with the front row, pointing out their follies, but not without highlighting his own – after all he is just a guy unlucky in love.

The second half, however, is where things really picked up.

Revealing a large toy zapper (cattle prod), Julian set out into the audience and herded six eligible men into a pen on stage.

It was here he took the contestants through a series of silly tasks to help him decide who he should marry at the end in a mock-wedding.

Ultimately, the show was like a raunchy version of Blind Date, but replacing ‘our Graham’ with a lesbian named Bertha.

Fun, side-splitting, colourful and, above all, rude Julian is truly the ‘Lord of Mince’ and Position Vacant: Apply Within is a farce that would be a shame to miss.

By Simon Robb