Pure entertainment from the painted performers

Harlequin goes to the Moon
Harlequin goes to the Moon

By popular demand The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company makes a welcome return to Sussex this summer visiting outdoor venues with its unique brand of comedy.

Expect an evening of pure entertainment with this brand new tale, ‘Harlequin Goes to the Moon’, which contains all of the usual ingredients that make this Company’s shows so special.

Affectionately known as ‘The Rudes’, its success relies on excellent scripting, wonderful storytelling, harmonious singing and live music from its talented troupe of performers.

They sport their signature white faces and dress in beautiful costumes designed specifically for the show.

Never shirking from provocatively addressing serious themes or commenting on current affairs, The Rudes will make you think, raise a quizzical eyebrow or two as well as making you “laugh the hardest you’ve ever laughed in your life”.

Harlequin Goes to the Moon is a tale of romance, love, whimsy, lust and greed.

Catalina, the daughter of the great astronomer Il Dottore Pazzo, is in love with the delicious Federico, the son, rather inconveniently, of Il Magnifico Buco del Culo, a Florentine banker who has reinvented the meaning of ‘mean’.

He has forbidden them to touch even their little fingers – and to ensure this does not happen he has threatened his servant, Harlequin, and his wife’s maid, Colombina, with ‘death by stretching’ if they should allow it to happen.

No way will Federico marry the daughter of a poor astronomer.

Harlequin is terrified so he decides to steal Pazzo’s moon ship – a contraption of rotating cogs, levers and paddles and fly to the moon where he will no longer be kicked around, but will set up his own government, become Emperor and make the rules.

The stable boy, Paglia, who spends most of his time gazing at the moon like a smitten hare, takes little persuading to go with him.

Harlequin Goes to the Moon has new songs and a script by Pete Talbot and, for the second year running, musical arrangement and direction from Grant Gordon, a musical producer, playwright and musician.

He is best known as bass player for ‘The Divine Comedy’.

The troupe will be performing at outdoor venues throughout Sussex between June and August all at 7.30pm (open from 6pm for picnics).

Visitors are advised to bring their own low backed chairs and warm clothes.

Tickets can be bought from your Local Box Office, from The Central Box Office (01323-501260), or online www.therudemechanicaltheatre.co.uk.  

Concessions will only be available in advance (at least a £1 off every ticket and group rates). On the night they will be £13 for adults and £7 for children.

Tour Dates West Sussex:

Thursday, June 13: Dial Post Village Green (01403-710908)

Friday, June 14: West Chiltington Recreation Ground

Saturday, June 15: Mannings Heath Village Green

Wednesday, June 19: Bignor Roman Villa

Sunday, June 30: Halnaker Cottage, Halnaker. Gates from 5pm (Chichester Festival 01243 813595)

Wednesday, July 10: Elsted Recreation Ground.