Medieval Cyprus comes to Horsham in November

Dr Michael Parasko
Dr Michael Parasko

A taste of the exotic east comes to Horsham on November 21 – literally!

Dr Michael Paraskos, Director of the Cornaro Institute in Cyprus, will give a talk on the medieval food of Cyprus at Horsham Art Academy.

“It’s not as crazy as it sounds,” said Michael.

“A Cyprus connection turns up in a lot of foods people know and love in Britain today, especially in spicy Christmas food.”

The reason for this was the unique position Cyprus had in the medieval world.

It was an independent French kingdom in the heart of the Middle East. It was one of the few places where Christian and Muslim traders could legally do business together and that trade was in silk, sugar and spice.

“Cyprus was the centre of the medieval sugar industry,” said Michael. “And sugar at that time cost more than gold.”

As well as hearing about the food of medieval Cyprus, people will have a chance to taste some freshly prepared examples, including the origin of our modern blancmange, the unlikely sounding shredded chicken pudding.

Tickets cost £20 and must be booked in advance by ringing Lydia Sanderson on 01403 754727.

The lecture takes place from 1pm to 4pm.